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Текст песни To Call My Own

To Call My Own

Verse one:
[a]blowing through my [b]losing streak
[e]bought the farm on a [a]dead-end street
[a]nothing ever [b]grows under your [e]sun
[a]filling voids with [b]emptiness
[e]driving past your [a]old address
[a]loneliness: [b]two has turned to [e]one

Chorus i:
[f#m] they welcome you with [b]broken arms
[e]tell you they don't [a]mean no harm
[a] do they mean [b]anything at [e]all?

Verse two:
Feeling crowded by my company
You can't hate but parts of me
I know there's a new myth on your floor
Staying up in 409
The days are yours, the nights are mine
Burned out everything except your door

Chorus ii:
It's like breaking out of broken homes
They tell you they don't eat their own
Searching for one thing to call my own
To call my own

Repeat intro

Verse three:
There's a gold mine in the local scene
Get nine lives, need thirteen
Paid the price, landed on all fours

Chorus iii:
You used to mean the world to me
Scared to death of what that means
So it don't mean nothing at all
I welcomed you with broken arms
You know I don't mean no harm
Do I mean anything at all?
Repeat intro [x2]

Chorus iv:
They all come from broken homes
Tell you they don't eat their own
Searching for one thing to call my own

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