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Без сортировки
Текст песни All The Same to Me

All The Same to Me

[f] met a man on a train near [c] santa fe
Who was [f] dead a minute as a [c] child
Fell off a [f] dock, couldn't swim and his [c] heart stopped
[f] a gold snake slid from the sky and [c] swallowed him up
[dm] he disap[f]peared in[c]side
[dm] he disap[f]peared in[c]side
The train [f] stopped in a field of [c] oil wells
[f] a blind girl needed help getting [c] off
The man was [f] drunk from a flask half-[c]full of rum
[f]i shook my head when he [c] offered me some
[f] que sera, he said and [c] took another swig
The [f] train roared up a hill of [c] sickly pines
A small [f] boy chased a ball up the [c] aisle
As the [f] black mouth of the tunnel [c] swallowed us up
[dm] we disap[f]peared in[c]side
[dm] we disap[f]pear in[c]side

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