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G : GANG STARR : Step in The Arena

Step in The Arena
Текст песни The Meaning of The Name

The Meaning of The Name

The meaning of the name gangstarr, well I'll tell ya
It means I find my mind can excel to
A greater type of thought, brought by the things that I've been taught
In relation to things that I rebel to divine and combine
With a sense of confidence
Accomplishments, are achieved off lots of gifts
But slopiness, I could never tolerate it
Not the guru nor premier you don't know how long we've waited
While other groups have faded, just like haircuts
We use sheer guts to open the earducts of your brain
To expose every vain
Cause you sound plain, insane, and mundane, it's a shame
You've got no beats, so you get no seats
At this table, you ain't stable with the mic cable
Kane and able, jealous brothers
And I knew some girls who were overzealous lovers
But back to the act of developing the gangstarr track
It means that nothing can be wack
The music is picked right, the mic is gripped tight
The lyrics I kick right to a beat like kryptonite power
Not withstood by any mortal or immortal
To make you get on the floor til
Another dope jam we slam with precision
Bringing beams of light, like the colors in a prism
Or reflections, through a spectrum
And all the soft silly suckers i'ma wet them
In other words destroy boy, and then claim my fame...
This is the meaning of the name

(dj premier cuts what does it all mean? )

Gangstarr, it means a lot to me
It means I'm free to bust rhymes sporadically
Gang represents my boys or a posse
So just back up off me
And the starr symbolizes the power
Making the suckers and weak brothers cower
We got strong, intelligent minds with a street sense
Crazy offense, and stupid defense
Now, have I made myself clear?
Or do I have to call on dj premier?
For he and I make up the songs that you long for
Meanwhile ducks just knock on the wrong door
Waiting for a call or for the doors to open
Cause they're hoping, that they'll get chosen
But to be chosen is a divine gift
You better get a job quick
See you can't rhyme and all your beats are weak
You oughta take a peak and check out the technique
Seek, and you shall find
Gangstarr stands for mastermind
Simple and plain and yo this ain't no game lame...
This is the meaning of the name

(dj premier cuts what does it all mean? )

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