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G : GANG STARR : Step in The Arena

Step in The Arena
Текст песни Form of Intellect

Form of Intellect

(dj premier cuts intelligent but not yet equivalent --> krs-one)

Tell me, do you have a clue of what to do
Can you groove to this smooth tune, you must presume
It's important, for you to follow this creation
And hey son, life is more than having fun
So run and get some help with the problems that you face
Take a taste of the bass put your perspective in place
Get real, deep, so you can keep involved
Revolve and solve, so you can make the calls
Like a supervisor he who is wiser than the others
Cause they need someone to advise them to discover
Things that they don't know so the papers I will check
Then they'll start to grow to this form of intellect

(dj premier cuts individual with intellect --> unknown)

When the road is too steep, do you have the stamina
First album took us two weeks, since then we have been plannin
An exclusive attraction, produce it to your satisfaction
Those of you lackin, we will put you back in your slime
So you can think and get a grip of
Yourself by yourself, and then you'll get a sip of
A gift that's equipped with the script that shocks
You can take a walk ? on god?
With your mouth wide open, hoping you can find a
Way to display similar actions in a kind of mockery
Cause you don't realize the cost to be
Creative genius please, I'm too clean to play
Glance per chance, watch gangstarr perfect
And dance your pants like champs, to this form of intellect

(dj premier cuts man with intellect --> lord finesse)

Valuable solutions, we invent here
Break and remake the cupcakes to show we've been sent here
To serve you, so swallow this and bite it
And why bring, ignorance when we're inviting
You to get advancement, while you're on the dance tip
And don't you know the transcript will make you shake hips
Or chill at will, and with skill, you'll learn some etiquette
Better get the subject or be last at the predicate
And get a set, of headphones and speakers
As lyrical lessons manifest, I will keep you
Abrest of the best, in this rap mess
Oversaturated market, full of wackness
I'm gifted unlimited, rhymes universal
The guru, nursing you with a verse spilled
Don't choke, and don't turn blue in a frenzy
Premier's severe, on the steel wheels he lends me
Spontaneous cuts, but not mainly just that
It's the scratching format, exact with maddening accuracy
Craftily, on the side or in back of me
Nastily, as if his name was dick dastardly
Original so get it yo the gang gets respect
The chain and the star is a symbol, of this form of intellect

(dj premier cuts intelligent but not yet equivalent to the end)

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