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F : FISHBONE : Без сортировки

Без сортировки
Текст песни Shit


I think I'll write... write down some shit
Some shit that's on my mind
Some shit I've been thinkin'
'bout for a very long time

This shit that's on my mind
It will gather much attention
The alphabet at my command
When I wrote it not to mention

And this alphabet shit I spit
I'll have to raise my voice and hand
This shit is important for woman and for man
All across the land, I'll have to take my stand
Take my stand, take my stand, yeahh !!!

From my third eye I see...
The unforseen occurance
Of shit coming toward you and me
Oh shit ! here it comes it's bigger and worse than before
And I'm not gonna stick around through the same shit like I did before

Shit !!! like I did before
Shit !!! like I did before
Shit !!! shit !!!!!

My only weapon
For my protection
Is a fan and my mouth
So when the shit hits the fan
Oh shit ! now some shit's in my mouth

Fuck this shit
I'm going down south of the border
It's less shit down there
So I'm moving down there

This bombardment of shit is worse than a bombscare
No longer will have to deal
With this substance under my skull
Or the one who makes my knife dull

Shit ! shit ! shit !...

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