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F : FISHBONE : Без сортировки

Без сортировки
Текст песни Fishy Swa Ska

Fishy Swa Ska

I feel like I'm being assassinated by boredom or something
I need some excitement, some adventure, some of that...
You know that je ne sais quoi
I need some... some fishbone

Day after day, week after week, month after month and year after year !
Your political leaders take it the ear for a beer and say :
Hey ! as long as I've got my diamonds & pearls & free plane rides to europe,
Let the poor be poorer and the underprived be underpriviledge, huh !
A dog crosses the street
A butcher cuts his meat
C'mon you rebels, dance your blues away !
The fishy swa ska, that's what I say !

And further more...

Call me a poser, call me a fake
I'd like to pour diarhea in your vanilla milkshake !
Rude boy, rude boy ! there's a hint you can take !
You wear your clothes and I wear mine
So don't give me a job !
You prejudice swine
So what if I wear mismatched monkey boots
Pajama bottoms and a suit made of poison ivy ?
For 6 million days ? oh !
A bird drops a turd
A lot of cows make a herd
This mission I say will never be done
So why should I bother to move my tongue
C'mon you cats, c'mon you chicks !
Dance your blues away !

And furthermore...

See the preachers preach
But the devil deceits
So why should I let those bad guys stray me from my f-bone beliefs !
I'm the one who experiments with the bullets and the sharks !
I'm the cause for the cross-over
For the brand new start in the dark
Yeah ! radio man I'm talking to you !
And you machine beat junkies that have locked your doors
Will get diseased by the rock-n-roll whore
If I dared not to get rude and make a fuss
This groove would be minor and riding in the back of a bus
No one cares about progression
So fuck you !
Cause if you did, you'd be making a confession
That's true !
But as the narrowminded say : so near and far,
It'll never happen, it's too bizarre !

Yeah ! but don't you fret ? ...
There will be a movement in the light yet
So c'mon you cats, c'mon you chicks !
Dance your blues away !
The fishy swa ska, that's what I say !

And furthermore...

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