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E : ELLIS PAUL : Carnival of Voices

Carnival of Voices
Текст песни The Ball is Coming Down

The Ball is Coming Down

In the city by the river
A man is standing on a bridge
His eyes to heaven to the forgiver
Who flips the coins on who should live

A naked lightbulb in the corner
Naked mary's in an unmade bed
Spilling champagne on her lover
Forgot his name
What had he said?

Chorus: it's new year's eve
Tonight in the city
They're tearing the chandeliers down
Boys and girls
All dressed up pretty
The bartenders buying the round

You count your blessings,
You say your prayers
Kiss an acquaintance
The ball is coming down
The ball is coming down

Sadie hawkins
She left the ballroom
Mascara running
From a fight
She slaps the doorman's face
In the lobby
He'd only asked her,
Are you all right?

Charlie jenkins
Makes resolutions like
Do not drink, and
Do not fight
His conscience needs absolution
It keeps him up when it's late at night


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