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E : ELLIS PAUL : Carnival of Voices

Carnival of Voices
Текст песни Lay Your Wager Down

Lay Your Wager Down

You're my flesh and blood
But we're not the same
A common name
And now
A common distance

I looked up to you
In your plush armchair
Respect or fear
I couldn't see the difference

Lay your wager down
Who'll be king in tinsel town?
`cause all the prophets and the gypsies
On the strip in venice beach
Have looked me in the eye
And said, your dreams still lie in reach
And who am I to doubt them
And who are you
To write these speeches?

Is it my poverty
That brings a blush to you?
Or the honesty
That speaks the mind
That comes with it

Were you once a man
With younger eyes
A hungry pride
That would not feel

Lay your wager down
They're crowning the king in tinsel town
There are strangers, there are lovers
Out on fairfax in a line
They look me in the eye
And say our thoughts are intertwined
And who am I to doubt them?
And who are you to tear down
These signs?

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