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D : DAN HILL : Dan Hill

Dan Hill
Текст песни People


Now there are people
That fall - into my life
Each one can change my world
So slightly
And everyone so different
Yet so much the same
Each and everyone so deep
Inside me

I love I hate
I live I die
For every single day
That passes me by
But for all the pain
That meets my eyes
I still believe in people

Now I've been called naive
Just a reckless dreamer
Destined to drown
In all my feelings
Yet I keep on smiling through my tears
Juggling wonderment with tear
Just trying to find some meaning

Repeat chorus

There are times when I feel
Like giving it all up
I'll look into myself and see a stranger
Oh and nothing can seem stranger
But I know
I'll come around
And like the fool I am
I'll see this world so much stronger cause that's the way my life lights spins
Until the day it dims
Until my life will be no longer

Repeat chorus

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