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D : DAN HILL : Dan Hill

Dan Hill
Текст песни Nobody's Right

Nobody's Right

The boy left for new york
He left the woods and trees behind
And no one knows just what's on his mind
He says he's lost - he'll pay any cost
Just to find out where he belongs

But the girl left for the country
She left those blaring lights behind
And no one knows just what's on here mind
She says she's lost - she'll pay any cost
Just to find out where she belongs

Nobody's right - nobody's wrong
Everybody's searching
We're all searching for where we belong

The boy lives in a high rise now
He's neighbours with the sky
The mirror in the hallway keeps asking
The silence knows
- that the change will help him grow
Help him to find where he belongs

The girls lives in a cabin now
She gazes at the sky
The shooting stars keep falling
They keep on asking why
The silence knows
The change will help her grow
Help here to find where she belongs

Repeat chorus

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