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C : CONELLS : Brainjunk

Текст песни I'll See You There

I'll See You There

Oh the family has gathered at least the ones that matter
To mourn the loss of dear sue
They saw her last night, she was feeling alright
She likes it this way I am sure
There is nobody's arms like dear sue's arms
Just look here and see
I'm here for the ride any old time

I'll see you there, I'll see you there
I'll see you there, in shadows I see you in there

Daddy has manners he's brown as leather
And tough like a hickory tree
If son is a barn, then daughter is yarn
And another is an md
She's fit to be tied when the family arrives
Just look here and see
I'm here for the ride, any old time

When you know a lady like this kind of lady
You know you've quite a find
A person of rarity, genuine as charity
Always a smile in her eye
There is nobody's charm like dear sue's charm
Just look here and see
I'm here for the ride any old time

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