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C : CONELLS : Brainjunk

Текст песни Freeman


I'm a free man in the morning I'm gonna go home
Been serving for years, never too near, always too far
There was a young girl in the county who had an eye for me
We kissed for a while, that made her smile

Then it came down on me to fake it
I should have found a way to escape it
I was so wrong to say I'd see her one more time

I'm a young man like a preacher, no souls to mend
I've traveled too much to be known as just a traveling man
So they judged me for a crime I could never have done
They said I was one who carried a gun

In the cold light of the morning
I'm gonna go home,
It's never too near, it's always too far
I will have found a way to break it
And when I go home again I'll see her one more time

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