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B : BRYAN FERRY : In Your Mind

In Your Mind
Текст песни Tokyo Joe

Tokyo Joe


My girl friday she no square
She like lotus blossom in her hair
Be-bop records and something new
Sometimes borrowed but she´s never blue
Oh no........not tokyo joe
Way past midnight - she not home
She cut the ice down the danger zone
Water-tight dresses - she don´t care
A trifle risquй, a tart, no sir........
Oh no........sounds like tokyo joe
Geisha girl show you she adore you
Two oriental eyes implore you
Femme fatale or ingenue?
She very cunning, fiendish clever
Geisha girl suffer many times a fool
Sayonara moon
When all the world´s a stage, oh where are you?
Tokyo rose on the radio
Or diz ´n bird puttin´ on the moan
Tappin´ out telexes to tupelo
Dear john, doh ray me fah so?
Let´s go........call for tokyo joe
Walkin´ tall down the danger zone
She hokey-cokey till the cows come home
Big shot - from the hip - neon cool
Say, when you´ve been around, what´s left to do?
Don´t know? ask tokyo joe
So inscrutable her reply
Ask no question and tell me no lie
Gi boys howlin´ out for more
Vip´s purrin´ je t´adore........
Ah so........that´s tokyo joe

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