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B : BRYAN FERRY : In Your Mind

In Your Mind
Текст песни Party Doll

Party Doll


When the world outside of you
Seems to weigh too much for you
Then draw within´ yourself
For there is no-one else
Well it´s a sin
What i´m sayin´
But it´s truth
Black and blue has turned to grey
Real life pictures gone astray
But don´t give in
Imagination rules again
It´s a sin
What i´m sayin´
But it´s the truth
Party doll
Oh how you turn me on
Now the day´s for sleepin´
For i´ll be leapin´ all night long
Party doll
Without you I can´t go on
Now the way i´m figurin´
You´ll be leda
And i´ll be swann........
It´s a sin
What i´m sayin´
But it´s truth
And if our secret love
Is haunting you -
No-one can hold me
Like you used to do........
Party doll - what´s your game?
Do you move, or entertain
What people say
When it don´t mean a thing
It´s a sin
Heads they lose
Tails you win
Party doll - I must confess
This wishin´ well of loneliness
Has dragged you down
I´ll wind you up - let´s twist again
It´s a skin
Skin to skin

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