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B : BILLY SQUIER : Emotions in Motion

Emotions in Motion
Текст песни It Keeps You Rockin'

It Keeps You Rockin'

When the lights blow and anything goes and nobody knows
When the sparks fly from in your eye and you don't know why
In a tight squeeze, you're on your knees--you're into the freeze
Then the right sound can bring you 'round--put your right side down

It keeps you rockin'

On a hot night you feel all right--you're wound up tight
On the next day you over-play--wanna fade away
In a cold rain, your love in vain--make you go insane
Bring you right down and turn you 'round--gotta hear that sound

It keeps you rockin'

Take this fight, wherever it takes you
Wrong or right, don't let it shake you
Fight the fight, whatever it makes you
That's all right--i know you can break through

In the right crowd you act so loud--got your head in the clouds
It's a far cry from days gone by...it ain't no lie
Out the back door...you make the score...you come back for more
Find the right son--it won't be wrong--you can sing along

It keeps you rockin'

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