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B : BILLY SQUIER : Emotions in Motion

Emotions in Motion
Текст песни One Good Woman

One Good Woman

I been a traveller for more than too few years
I learned my lessons...i stilled my fears
My sole possessions--they steer me through it all
Sweet dreams and innocence--the cushion my falls
Feel the passion run you blind
See the vision dancin' in my mind

One good woman, who's all of what she seems
One good woman to share my dreams
One good woman--put all the games aside
One good woman--make the most of our lives

We live a life of fact and fantasy
We alter circumstance to fit our needs
We gain in fortune, but we lose in time
One door will open and one will close behind
Find the loner from the pack
Storm the mansions--i ain't never turnin' back

One good woman...she's all I hope to find
One good woman--think of me in kind
One good woman..she won't get me down
One good woman--turn my head around

Keepin' her distance..but oh she don't let go
One good woman...she makes it so
Over the air-waves, or across the sea
One good woman...she's more than enough for me

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