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B : BEATNUTS : Без сортировки

Без сортировки
Текст песни Uncivilized


Yeah, yeah yeah. open your mouth (aaaah). open it! wide.

Psycho les:
I'm coming running at you with an axe, chop you in the hip
Now you fuckin' hop don't don't ask me any questions (questions)
Why too many ears at my sessions
With opions, but not this year (no question)
Strickly answers, luke dancers, chasing off happy campers
And wanna be rap gangsters, yappin' that shit I don't like
But not tonight we bring that shit to start a fight
So what the fuck? when I hit you know I struck
Knuckle game, test and get munked
Nigga dissed me, forget this and you back in the rhyme with a punch line
Trying to slamp you in broad daylight around lunch time, so what the fuck?

Don gobbi:
No false assumption, I cut a face just like a pumpkin
Potted up and drunken, grabbin' my balls while gruntin'
You just a munshkin, not even half of the equivalent
My team is militant, criminals who swear they innocent
You insignificant, I turn diesel niggas to involents
You started it, I'll finish it, deminish it
I'm killing it, word duke, I let it known don't fuck with gobbi
Act a man like rack of lamb and feed the body to the rody
Smokin' suckas wit logic and raised with project lobby
I let you choose your fate, your only crews will wait
I'm heavyweight and when I'm old and great yo I rejuvenate
And duplicate, and slam man like sumo tournaments
Fake thugs get plugged and missles launched to their coordinates
Hip hop cornered it, a-yo we fear none, rappers hootchies and spear guns
Bustin' threw your ear drums, we leave the ears numb
Get you open like black moon and spot a kill of gorillas
A plattoon of baboons (that stab wounds) to make the shit worse hit up your
Soft spaces
A bunch of niggas with court cases and all faces
And torch places and leave the spot crispy, smokin' like a hippy
From now until I'm 50

Unciviled (x4)
But now I start to realize

Don gobbi:
Yo turn the mic on, ju visualize like nightcorn
You fake thug niggas still sleep with the lights on
You quite wrong thinkin' that your team is like strong
We strangle y'all niggas like pythons, we like flaws
Corona outlaws, 52 southpaw
Hungary as niggas that'll come out yours
Stick a nigga in a heartbeat, it's the cold blooded dominican dark meat


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