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B : BEATNUTS : Без сортировки

Без сортировки
Текст песни Strokes


Intro (girl on an answering machine)
Hi (donkey sound). call me. I want to fuck. alright?

Psycho les:
Pulling honeys like a vaccum cleaner puffed out in a beamer
Moving units like selena
Set to kill for my wiz like tony did for gena
? spanish?
Even ? get the finger from the front
From the back I don't front crack the conyack
Honies 18 and over and if your grill busted then I can't be sober (naaaw)
Even a fat hun will the get the fat one no diggedy
No hickies, strickly got to time for love just quickies
Psycho, checkin' honies out like michael, myers
They lock to my dick like plyers
Twist my nuts like a fire hydrant, then I sink her
Her toes in my jim hat, bust off like a sprinkler
The honey winker, like (donkey noise) I give up signals
Flip singles and strippers, so that the could jiggle
Erotic style baby, what?

Uuah, ha ha ha ah, uuah
Strokes (x6)

Psycho les:
A-yo it's friday night nothin' could stop les
You could find me and the fellas at a topless
Slipping dollars in a g-string getting feels
Lap dancing with fine honeys and hills
Puerto rican, black white some fine some wack
I'm horny so all these honies got back
Through my eyes all I see is bloody mary
Parlayin' like it's my birthday april 10th I'm an aries baby
What do you say we go back to my crib
Honey says you stone crazy! what is you thinkin'? what is you drinkin'?
Put my hand in front of brill tell please your breath is kickin' (beeotch)
Turn around and start to kick it to this other chick
She was with it, giving me signals to hit it
(did you hit her? ) fromt her shitter
Then I flipped her and ripped up her clitter


I'm not that type. I'm not that type

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