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A : AUDIO ADRENALINE : Audio Adrenaline

Audio Adrenaline
Текст песни My God

My God

Buddah was a fat man, so what!
Mohammed thought he had a plan, I guess not!
A hindu God is an, old cow!
You could be a God if ya, knew how!
My God died on the cross!
My God died on the cross!
My God died on the cross!
But he lives!

My God is the only god
He's the only God that lives
He loves, he cares, he makes, he shares
And eternal life he gives
He took the pain and shook the chains
And rattled all of hell
Now you may think I'm crazy
But only time will tell

Repeat chorus

There's a man over there standing on the street
He says I'm a god! but I think he's a freak
Many different man aren't just what they claim
A moonie a morman a man from mars
A little off track but have nice cars

Repeat chorus

My precious jesus died upon the cross
My precious jesus died to save the lost
But he live yes he lives my jesus lives
He walks he talks he loves he rocks
My jesus lives

Repeat chorus

There's one important thing that you should know
Jesus christ paid the price
We all think it's nice
Spread his arms and died for man
But we're not doing all we can
We need to go to our work and our school
And tell all the people that hey! God rules!

Repeat chorus

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