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A : AUDIO ADRENALINE : Audio Adrenaline

Audio Adrenaline
Текст песни Dc-10


Well if a dc-10 fell on your head
And you're laying on the ground all messy and dead
Or a mack truck ran over you
Or you suddenly died in your sunday pew!

Do you know where you're gonna go!
Do you know where you're gonna go!
Do you know where you're gonna go!

It could happen any day it could happen anywhere
It could happen while you're napping in your easy chair
It could happen at home it could happen at school
It could happen while your rappin like a rappin fool

Repeat chorus

Your head is hurting and you take a pill
You truthfully think it's advil
But what you don't know is your girlfriend lied
And she just gave you cyanide!

Repeat chorus

You better believe there'll be a price
It was paid in full by jesus christ!
(he died for you)

Repeat chorus

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