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Текст песни Live at Jimmy's

Live at Jimmy's

Live at jimmy's

Graso, vamos pa'l club (? ) seguro que no
Que ah'ta angie martinez, 'ta cuban link y domingo
Una cosita ahque te voy a poner por los pie
Pa 'certe bailar, tu ve carajo, va ser coсo, tigeraso..

[chorus: domingo]
Jimmy, copacabana, in miami, little havana
Ay.. latin quarters, la gran manzana
We're gonna party hasta por la maсana
Ay.. santo domingo - tomando mamajuana
Gozando en columbia, venezuela y la bahamas
Ay.. costa rica, pery tijuana
Ven conmigo mami, con esto nadie no para

[angie martinez over end of chorus]
Uhh, uhh, uhh, yo yo, yo
Bubble heavy in the club, double henne' in the cup
Trouble and merengue make you move yo' butt
Got the fella's goin nuts, girl it's too much
Got me four numbers already, the night's still young
Papi work the room, handsome like what!
Mami got new shoes, hair done like what!
Me, you, speed through - yeah, yeah good to meet'cha, how you doin?
Afraid to be the one baby take it floor
Don't say nuttin dumb, maybe we could do more!
Cause it's our night and it's okay!
Work hard all day, now we ready to play
And the j, the i, the m, the m, the y, the j, the i, the m
At jimmy's.. at jimmy's!


Uhh.. creep to yo' block in the black cadillac
You could go wit a grey mac, brrra!
Run, duck, son - what the fuck?
See my tattoo, got pun on my gut
Bag yo' chick, give her none of the bucks
Curse me out, call me a bum and a slut
Cause I bust quick like for ton in the bed
And I broke out wit more guns in a truck!

[cuban link over end of sunkiss]
Yo, yo..
Ain't nuttin stoppin us from droppin
And rockin the whole metropolis
We lockin this down, straight up and down
We too hot to miss, got the shit to make 'em lose it
They can't refuse it
Cause it ain't nuttin like hip hop music!
New shit - took a merengue beat looped it
Exclusive, without doubt, this shit's stupid!
Who's this? cuban link, no te asuste!
Domingo drop the bomb, I got the fuse lit


[angie martinez over end of chorus]
Whoo, whoo.. hey!
Strobe light twirlin, smoke everywhere
Dance floor flooded, hands in the air
Bar in the back, ballers in the rear
Find me 'round there, bottles by the pair, yeah
All night cause it feels real good
And good wood from a nigga in the hood
Ladies - shake it, shake it like a real girl should
Let it be understood
That I'm wit my friends and we ready to go
Connects wit ellies to santo domingo!
And i, won't rest 'til I'm poppin at the show
Watchin all my people shoutin go, ma, go!
So get it up, get it up (uh-oh, uh-oh!)
Shake it down, shake it down (uh-oh, uh-oh!)
If we havin big fun (uh-oh, uh-oh!)
If you rep big pun (uh-oh, uh-oh!)


[big pun]
Boriqua, morena; girl I wanna take ya back to cuba (cuba)
Habana (habana), c'mon pretty mama
Jamaica, puerto rico o santo domingo
We could take it there!
Yeah, yeah, and bring your silk underwear on!


[big pun]
.. and bring your silk underwear on!..
.. and bring your silk underwear on!..
.. and bring your silk underwear on!..
.. and bring your silk underwear on!..

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