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A : ANGIE MARTINEZ : Без сортировки

Без сортировки
Текст песни Breathe


[angie martinez]
Yo, yo, yo, uhh, yo, yo, whoo whoo whoo whoo, yo, uhh, hey!
Sometimes you gotta catch yo' breath and
All the time you gotta watch yo step and
Kats be all on yo neck, stressin boutwhat you doin' next
And I ain't got much left, tolerance for the hoop-la
La hodienda no se para nunca, yeah
They give it to you, but i
Keep it movin while I'm runnin wit the rap race
But I need a little damn space, to breathe
I gotta just do me, why I always gotta be sexy, huh
Would ya mind, would you still like me
In a pair air max,sweat pants, hoody huh?
Would ya, get off my back, c'mon, let a nigga relax
Cuz I'm all woman now, hear me roar
Right now I'm bout to hit the door
So I can parlay, it's my day, bout to pick up my girls at the highway
Gotta get away, gotta do it now, gotta walk into the sun, ah ah ah

[chorus:angie & mary j. blige]
[a]gotta be free, gotta do me
Gotta get away, get away
[a]gotta gimmie sometime to breathe
Gotta walk in to the sun, ah ah ah
[a]c'mon ladies come ride wit me
Gotta get away, get away
[a]gotta relax your body
Gotta walk into the sun, ah ah ah
I just really need some time to ease my mind and let my spirit flllllyyyy

2nd verse
Gonna fly...c'mon
How many women cook and clean, wash your clothes
Work a job, come home-mop the floors, watchin' soaps
Nah, no time for that, besides young & the restless is kinda whack
Plus thats that time you could be in the gym
Gettin ya legs tight, gettin ya head right
Doin it every night in summer time almost
You want ya ass lookin firm when they come up close
For the single motha types, couple kids
Nuthin come before them, give a fuck who it is
You a proud ass woman, neva cried for help
Been doin it for years all by ya self
For cryin out loud can ya get your props
Wanna pull your hair out cause the shit don't stop
And, ya nigga wanna stress, get no rest,
Takin no breaths, it's pms
Wanna know when do I get my day
Wanna pick up my girls at the highway
Gotta get away, gotta do it now, gotta walk into the sun, ah ah ah


[la india]
Yo necesito un poco de paz....en mi vida!
Necesito un poco de paz....en mi vida!
Sometimes a girl just wants to be free
From what you think of me baby please
Get up off my back and give a girl some space
Because we're livin in a big, bad race
I just really need some time to have a little piece
Of mind and
Breathe, breatheeeeeeee!

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