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A : AGENTS OF GOOD ROOTS : Straight Around

Straight Around
Текст песни Straight


The moon was drifting over jordan
As the street lies under control
And the she slips into the middle
Head on, the tour takes it's toll
You bring bring blues from a fountain
Keep you wishing for a rainy day
Get a sandman sitting
Giving looks that will fade away

If you could get yourself straight
I think that I would like to talk to you
'cause talk, talk, talk
That's all we do

Will you dance for your brother
While your lover doesn't know your name
And in an undercover shot
Still you talk of what you can't explain
They say nice change lady
Hey baby can you spare a dime
But then you put it in your pocket
And it's off with another line

You better believe it
Better go

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