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A : AGENTS OF GOOD ROOTS : Straight Around

Straight Around
Текст песни Get Me There

Get Me There

Lyrics: winn
Music: winn


I could hear the church bells from the ocean.
I could hear angels sing to me.
And in the midst when I break down
I turn back to the one,
Who's shining on down to me.

So fly me around your home in a big balloon now.
Show me worlds where nothing's left to dream, no.
Take me to your place
Forgeting all about tomorrow
Shine it on down to me.

But brother, do you think you're gonna get me there?
Mama, will you tell me what I gotta wear?
Sister, will you make it all a big affair?

Would you climb a mountain, cross the valley?
Would you swim the seas in search of some relief?
Yes, I would spend up a lifetime on a mission for the one
Who's shining on down to me.


My keeper keeps my things in a candy jar now.
My keeper keeps it locked up with my dreams, yes.
Keeper keeps up all the things. planning for tomorrow.
Shine it on down to me.


Get me there before I'm gone.
I'll be on time.

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