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A : ADOLESCENTS : Balboa Fun*Zone

Balboa Fun*Zone
Текст песни I'm A Victim

I'm A Victim

She came in out of the rain
Her eyes reflecting all my sorrow and pain
I tried to turn her away
Said 'Get out! Wait a minute, won't you stay?'

Come on in? 'Cos I'm a victim
Come on in? 'Cos I'm a victim
Come on in? 'Cos I'm a victim
Come on in? 'Cos I'm a victim

Now that I have changed my old ways
Too many broken hearts have been the price that I've paid
A lesson I never learned
A trusting heart is the heart that gets you burned


She came in out of the cold
Well this time I knew I had to tell her 'No!'
She pleaded 'Just for a while'
Well I blew my answer when she smiled


Tell me why? Why I end up alone, again and again
Tell me why? Why I bleed frustration; when will the pain end?
Tell me why? I'm going crazy
Tell me why? Why I'm going crazy

At night, I get on my knees
And Lord knows I pray



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