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A : ADOLESCENTS : Balboa Fun*Zone

Balboa Fun*Zone
Текст песни Frustrated


People who don't understand - Tryin' to keep together a band
Pigs that never let me be - Most of the justice that I see
One of those days, sleepless nights - Public scenes, domestic fights
Routine ruts from day to day - Girls who won't go all the way
So. Cal freeway jams - S.O.S. and legal scams
Rides that always sketch on me - Have to have her home by three
Memories of blowin' it - Thing I want that I can't get
Car won't start, I'm on my feet - Snakes in the grass, so indiscreet

These are some of the many things that make me - So frustrated!

Needles always stuck on 'E' - Bums who want a ride for free
Kids who Jones away the lines - Cop poured out my jug of wine
Friends that never seem to call - Freaks that call out of the walls
Boss won't cut me any slack - Bill collectors on my back
People who were born to stare - Sledgehammer pulled out the air
Radio has shut us out - Record biz so full of doubt
Chicks that want in on the list - Guys who live to use their fists
Rent hikes all around the town - Got no place to lay me down

These are more of the things that make me - So frustrated!
F! R! U! S! T! R! A! T! E! D!
These are more of the things that make me - So frustrated!
F! R! U! S! T! R! A! T! E! D!

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