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W : WYNONNA JUDD : Revelations

Текст песни Old Enough to Know Better

Old Enough to Know Better

You'd think I'd have the sense to run
Knowin' where you're comin' from
I can't bring myself to go
Heaven help me I can't say no

I see forever in you deep blue eyes
And I know where the danger lies
Tell me what's a girl to do
When she's up against the likes of you

I'm old enough to know better
But too young to resist
I'd lay awake at night
Wonderin' what I might have missed
But somethin' tells me your trouble
The only trouble is
I'm old enough to know better
But too young to resist

Now good things come to those who wait
Somethin' tells me this is fate
And after all that I've been through
I'm gonna trust my heart to you

I suppose where love's concerned
Some fools just never learn
Lying here in your arms tonight
I can't help but feel
It's gonna be all right, be all right

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