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U : UNLV : Straight Out Tha Gutta

Straight Out Tha Gutta
Текст песни Got a Lot of Love

Got a Lot of Love

Verse one: {lil' slim}

Growin' up in the hood thinkin' everything
Gonna be all right but it's the nine to the four and
Brothers takin' yo life I'm pourin' brew on the curve
For my hommies my nerve
They gettin' popped with the gat so I guess they got served
Now slippin' in the hood is a no no thing
Now way back in the game they used to slang and hang
So let's forget that past I can't dwell on old days
If you show a brother weakness you bond to get sprayed
Stuck in the hood front me dope I wish you would
My hommies showed me love so I know it's all good
Back and forth to the bank no I ain't gon hurt
I rather struggle with my hommies in the hood and
Put in work if ya weak ya beat on the n.o. streets
If you can't play the game you can't compete
With the hustlers and the hoodlums that packin' the gats
You got to walk the set and be fully strapped
The drug dealers steady makin' the ends
My nigga got popped doin' time in the pin a
Mac ten is a man's best friend
When I blast that ass another killin' again
But look here a fuckin' gangster ain't no time
Gettin' lok the lower my game is to
Smoke or to get smoked
I'm still lil' slim no I ain't gone change
I'm showin' love to my hood plus I'm true to the game

Verse two: {pimp daddy}

Throw up a peace to my niggas when I walk in the club
Givin' dap to my boys because I got much love
My hug a few gee's that I knew from the game
Cuz I'm a ghetto ass nigga ain't a fuckin' thing changed
I got to give it up to these motherfuckin' projects
I got mine so get yours and put away the gat black
Cuz I'm tired of seein' you motherfuckers face down
Six feet deep, yeah or either locked down
So I got to give it up to my niggas
Who got me off the streets and took my finger off the trigger
You made my mother proud of me that's why I got to give it up
You turned my life around that's why I got much love

Verse three: {lady kk}

I got love for them hoes who don't like me
Talk behind my back and said that shit about me
But I'm the type of girl that has to get mine
Strap to dress with my killer platted nine
I hear people say love one another
That's why I give love to the ca§h money brothers

Verse four: {mr. ivan}

Early in my time I used to be the nigga
The gangsta a lunatic killer and a
Cocaine slanger
I'm givin' a lot of love to my niggas that are dead
Like my nigga the mac totter doin' life up in the pin
Sometime I feel the need to bust caps at the cops
Jettin' up the block it wasn't long to see the body drop
Started sellin' rocks a youngster comin' up real fast
Makin' boo-koo cash back up on that ass with
My hockey mask doin' it real smooth
Movin' quater keys at speed
Givin' them motherfuckers what they want
I'm givin' 'em what they need dick
The dope game was gettin' played to the left
I had to do somethin' because there wasn't to much time left
I went to robbin' car jackin' kidnappin'
I snatched a few plates motherfucka I was always packin'
I'm gettin' to old for this delinquent ass shit
It took some o pp to get me straight
So I'm able to get them niggas at ca§h money
Gave me chance to redeem myself
Slangin' dope lyrics doin' shows makin' a lot of wealth
Baby and slim I'm givin' love to them niggas
Showed me the right direction and pull me from
Behind the trigger comin' strong up on that ass man
Cotton killer so I'm bangin' a lot of cash chea!
In the studio me and my niggas lite a dub
Cuz niggas from the nine ca§h money
Givin' much love

Verse five: {pxmxwx}

I'm givin' much love for them niggas in the crew
If you don't like that then nigga fuck you
I got it goin' on with that five eight o
Much love much respect now let me flow
Niggas be talkin' bullshit playin' with that hoe shit
Touch a nut pull a gat cuz I'm a pull some more shit
Say what, here I come again the same o'l nigga
Drinkin' gin and smokin' stiffs again
When ya weak ya beat I thought you knew fool
Seen you at my show and you want to test my cool
I think you want to be like me damn it feels good bein' a
Bi to the g let me tell you since you try'na stay above
No matter what you do nigga I get's much love

Verse six: {yella boy}

In the hood it stays the same I could
Never me lame to the game
Yes it's off the hook I'm more mature I'm a man
Reminisce all the time back in the days we had some fun
Bitches all up in my shit try'na catch my fuckin' cum
Boo-koo hot rods on my daisy we used to blow and hit the pool
Pussy like another 'j (I got yo lighter)
But it's cool , you know we down for one and one for all
You know we stay mobbed up (they said you tried to test my nuts)
Or your bond to get fuck up
Send a shout out to my fans
Y'all keep on kickin' that fuckin' dance
Like I said before won't ya take another chance
My boys they got my back we tighter then a pair of gloves
Best believe my mind's at age because I know I got much love

Verse seven: {lady kk}

My boy tec, yes he got much love
My nigga mannie, yes he got much love
Suga slim, I know you got much love
My boy baby, I know you got much love
Ya fat, I know you got much love
Lil' slim, I know you got much love
My boy mike, I know you got much love

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