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T : TWISTA : Adrenaline Rush

Adrenaline Rush
Текст песни Adrenaline Rush

Adrenaline Rush

What happens when you combine the daekness with the light?
I'm bringing pain like two bad nurses, and the pain from these here
Motherfuckin' verses rediculos thirst is involving hearses to the dirt shit
First pick and using autos to work with slugs to the shirt shit (just to squirt
Shit) I'm kickin' it with an expert kick from birth till' the earth split leave
You hurt bitch and show you how worser than worst get in the zone see the vein
When the pain repel and then I'm closing the curtains bitch (when adrenalines
Pumping) I don't understand discussion only hear certian shit I'm a
Misunderstood nigga' and I'm off my square high got me reversin' clips and
Dispersin' shit
What can I say to make you see how the fuck I feel to make me wanna jump off of
The edge I'm charged off of suckers gettin' shot up off the ledge no pain the
Static came I took a bunt off to the head (so tell me what it said) retaliate
With leathal reprecussion I feel the reefer rushin' watch him go into thangs
Like it's a wicked stick so get that benedryl hot like I'm finna steal lickin'
And kickin' shit for niggas and bitches that I kick it with I was born to get
You pumped up it's like some lead bust givin' motherfuckers a head rush then
Your lead bust when you jumped up cuz what I said must've got you geeked my
Eyes red puffed from smokin' shit that niggas hit on and die makes me wanna
Slip the clip on the side and if you act like a bitch on the the whole westside
Will let the shit gone and ride and let the trigga' bust
Thats your adrenaline rush like when a motherfucker have to go pick up the pump
To make his opposition chest kick up and jump when you lit up the pump to make
Your body get up and jump thats your adrenaline rush like when a mother fucker
Have to go pick up the pump to make a trigger pick up and thump so make the
Bass kick up and bump and let the rythm hit off the funk (repeat)
Pullin' up bailin' out like we carsick and ready to start shit start up buryin'
Some heads like an ostrich unload the whole cartrige and throw the shells in
The garbage the hardest of motherfuckers could never achieve what i've
Accomplished yungbucks my acomplice located his exsistance with my 6th sense
Like a compass and started on a journey to a star just to stop this rushin' up
The of the niggas to get em' charged what's the real reason? all you haters try
To murder me so now it's kill season and even though I'm still bleeding im'a
Keep coming cuz I'm still breathing and y'all can't trace me I'm buyring my
Victims in the wall like gacy too lyrical and since the snip of my umbilical
These flows is critical my music is miracle like I'm biblical, killin' like i'm
Nuttier than buddy love and still wouldn't leave a bloddy glove and start the
Truck up let's be the fuck up getaway smokin' this blunt dub the adrenaline
Eruptin' my veins and I'm pumped up
And I'm calibrated at 360 degrees see that's 300 niggas thats gon' die bout' 60
Slugs to do this deed (psychodrama) we too much for the industrealists to fuck
With this on the brink of fuckin' up some shit, dismantle deduct some shit it's
Hard to imagine what niggas got nerves to do, so I guess I just take that
Fuckin' nerve from you then think what I'm on the verge to do and I got the
Urge ooh let semi close your curtains fool from killin' the verses fool I be
One of the worstest dude (you the who? ) I'm the worstest lurkin' bout 9
Millimeters above your surface unleash these thangs and I defeat your purpose,
You hurtin'

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