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T : TOM MCRAE : Just Like Blood

Just Like Blood
Текст песни Mermaid Blues

Mermaid Blues

Ice has formed
And there's snow between the tracks
And I have seen the surface tear and
I can't look back

And cool low sun
Has blinded you for days
From horizon to horizon
Can I dream this all away

But over the water
Over the water
Over the sea
There's you shining bright
In a sea of fools
Oh I can sing you out of this
Can shake your mermaids blues

Come with me
For alone I fear the tide
It's calling me and dragging me
And I think it's time

But over the water
Over the water
Over the water
Over the sea

Shape your mouth
To fit these words of war
I see the arrows falling backwards
Burning for a cause

I'll swim with you
Until my lungs give out
Oh I can raise you from the deep
Or drown with you in doubt

But over the water
Over the water
Over the water with you
With you, with you ...

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