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T : TIMOTHY B. SCHMIT : Без сортировки

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Текст песни Boys Night Out

Boys Night Out

(t. b. schmit/w. jennings/b. gaitsch)

They're in the heat in the heart of the city
Big wind out of mexico
There's a girl wants it bad as me
And I'll be right there when she lets me go.

So let it all come down
Don't care where we're going
Trouble in this town
It's just what I need

Tired of looking back
No one lives forever
Jumping off the track
It feels good to me

Don't you know it turns your blood to wine
When you're moving so fine
It's the boys night out
You can run those lights
You can leave them on bright
It's the boys night out

Kept it straight just as long as I had to
Now I've got to let it ride
There's a girl who needs love so bad
And when I'm with her I feel alive

I her she's got some friends
They know how to use it
Oh, it never ends
You know what I mean

Any beat you choose
They can find the rhythm
They'll show us some moves
We've never seen

Don't you know it turns your blood to wine

There's a war between good and evil
It's not to hard to realize
There's no way you can beat the devil
'til you look him straight in the eyes

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