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S : SYLEENA JOHNSON : Love Hangover

Love Hangover
Текст песни Please Don't Stop

Please Don't Stop

There is something that you do to me
You make my mind and body feel so free
And when you touch me there I lose control
And with one kiss you captivate my soul
I just don't know what to do
When you're loving me the whole night through
Oh you rub my body so gently
You feel so good inside of me
So please baby come inside, no one will know

Please baby hold me close and don't let go
Please baby tonight we are going to lose control
Please baby let's do it 'till the sun light shows

Kiss', lickin' feeling so fine
Finger tips run from neck down to spine
Your passion burns so deep inside of me
I'm tinglin' from my head to my feet
And I just don't know what to say
When you're giving me this good foreplay
Oh you make my body, oh so hot
Keep it coming, please don't stop


I know you are feeling good
I know you are feeling right
I'll keep it tight, tonight's the night
'Cause the mood is right
Just take your hands and move them down to my section
I feel your erection, now assume the position
And do it slow like D'Angelo, we cruisin'
I'm losing control, my mind, body, and soul
I feel the heat between the sheets
From my head to my feet, just groove to this feeling
As I give healing and return
So yearn for the taste of my flow
I'll make you go down so low and no one will have to know
That we get freaky

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