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S : SURVIVOR : Survivor

Текст песни Nothing Can Shake Me

Nothing Can Shake Me

(from your love)

In this room
With the light of the sun in my eyes
I am blind
Can't recall
Where I am or what I did last night
Though I try and I try
*nothing can shake me from your love
It's true
No one can make me feel the things you do
Oh no, oh no*

In the street
In the street I can feel people stare,
Stare me down
I'm lookin' back
Just to see if I lost you somewhere
But you're nowhere around


Turnin' over the city,
Just searchin for you
Ravin like a mad man
Is there anybody left,
In this whole damn town
To take pity on a sad man
Lord help me through this
Yeah, help me through this
I just can't make it this way
Please help me find her
Yeah help me find her
Somewhere, somehow, someway

In the night
With the moon and the stars high above
I can see
It's so strange
Though there's no rhyme or reason for love
Still it makes you it's slave

( * repeat)

Oh no. ... ( repeat and fade)

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