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S : STYX : Serpent is Rising

Serpent is Rising
Текст песни Jonas Psalter

Jonas Psalter

Written by dennis deyoung
Lead vocals by james young

When captain jonas psalter
Sailed his ship to sea
Anne bonny kept him company

The skull and crossbones flew
Above the ocean blue
The captain's men where a pirate's crew

The ships they sought to take
Were of the spanish main
A gift from ferdinand of spain

And though you rob and kill to find your dream
Your crimes are hardly what they seem

Tortuga held the treasure of a thousand kings
So jonas planned to steal everything

Two hundred men stood guard
Around the fortune's nest
But psalter's steel slew all the rest

And when the smoke had cleared
And bloody bodies lay
Everyone could hear the minstrel play

Woo woo jonas psalter
You've captured every prize
There is to dream of in one life

And so we wonder why
We found you in your bed
With that bullet in your head

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