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Текст песни Never Let Me Know

Never Let Me Know

The key is in the front door
The clock is on the wall
The coals are in the fireplace
Nothing has moved at all
But as you look around you
Still nothings quite the same

The windows are cracked the curtains are torn
Your life disappoints if you want to be free
Hold me never let me know

Do you stand upon the station
Or are you on the train
Do you want to vanish
Or could we begin again
Do I just imagine
Or is it really true?

You want to be free to be on your own
To start a new life you want to leave me
Hold me never let me know

Never let me know
Never let the world we share together
Tumble, be destroyed
Never let me know
Always keep our dreams and memories
Cherished in your heart

On the road we travel
Sometimes I feel I know
You'd rather walk without me
Please say it isn't so
Just put your arms around me
And never let me go

Without you the world would be cruel and cold
It cannot be true that you want to be free
Hold me never let me go

Put your arms around me never let me go

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