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S : STEVE HARLEY : Timeless Flight

Timeless Flight
Текст песни Black or White

Black or White

Behind the wall the ears of love are listening
Behind the door they kneel
Behind the boy from whom we steal
Behind the dark, deserted halls of memory
Inside the sound: ahoy !
We have just landed for employ
We need your hands to carru us to our joy
To black or white
And step on it
Black or white

Between the shadow and uncertain colour
Between the word and sign
Between the man and all his time
Between the sidewalk and the moving stairway
Between the yay and nay !
There falls the thruth we aim to slay
There falls the thruth we do so righteous flay
Come black or white
And step on it
Black or white

Until we gather life and all our dreams
Until we cool the heat
Until we share our cup of meat
Until the trail of waste is put to stud
Until we drift away
Towards the picture in the frame
Our celebratian comes a game to play
Just black or white
And step on it
Black or white

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