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S : STATE RADIO : Us Against The Crown

Us Against The Crown
Текст песни Waitress


The waitress is sliding down the wall
You can see her chest rise and fall
Her mascara runnin' thin
And the payphone is swinging against the wall
Don't ask her 'bout the call
You know she only trying to begin again

And the manager is yelling
Something about her hair being in her face
Customer complainin'
But he really has no case
And the counterqueens don't even lookup from their magazines
But oh and the waitress oh she stares straight ahead
Saying something she never said

And the waitress has them backing
Has them backing against the all til they white in the face
She got 'em going now oh them praying
But they never know of the role they play
And the manager is quiet as she fumbles with the drawer
No he said no he said
You will never get away with this
No she said
You will never get away with this

Cause today when the door opens
The rain slants in
There's water all over the floor
Busser waves to the meter maid
Who don't waive back no more

We're all searching for something
We'll all find a place to stay
Though we may have next to nothing
Oh lord we'll find a way

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