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S : SPICE 1 : Immortalized

Текст песни Can I Hit It?

Can I Hit It?

I peep your thighs when I look in the car
Baby, you ain't got to be on my shoulder to be a star
Ain't a trick honey, cuz tricks is for pimps and hoes
Just want to get you in the bathroom and take off your clothes
Throw that ass on the seat like ? ? ? and me alone
Havin' sweaty sex, feelin' breasts with lex on
Do it in the brome with diamond links and chrome
Just call me on the phone and let me know it's on
So sexy when I seen ya, want to hit it right there
Picture myself fuckin the pretty curls out your hair
Me and you buckin naked, no panties, no one to wear
Doin' thug dancin and ? ? ? like fred astaire
Wanna do it to ya till ya can't taste no more
On the edge of the bed about to fall on the floor
Shift to high speeds than I hit it real slow
Spark up the indo, said baby give me some more
Can I hit it tonight?


I got the ? ? ? in the crysty
And all you gotta do is come kiss me
And if you diss me, honey that's all right
My thug game is still tight
Just trying to see if I can hit a little something tonight
I see the pressure, you want to make a move but you won't
I know what you thinking, I'm thinkin' something is wrong
Now why you wanna go and do that love, huh?
Turn off the lights and give me a back rub, huh
Got my mind twisted up, I know what's crackin
In the tub, bubble bath, kinky sex and laughin'
Keep my heat on the seat of the toilet, you think it's funny
Giggling when I'm slappin that ass, countin' more money
You know I love you girl
I could set a cup on your booty and it'll hold
Mob style, livin' them thugged out dreams
Baby I'm a rider and I'm into some things
But I ain't goin into detail honey, just call me on it
My partners might call me on the phone in the morning
Won't wake you up before I go...go, oh no
Up early whippin' birdies that don't chirp to get my cash flow
Don't take it personal, it's all love
Let's do it around the house all night and smoke bud
Put some ice on your belly button, lickin' it off
I'm tatted up, thugged out, your body warm and soft
Can I hit it tonight?


I shove my thug love deep inside, watch you react
Sexy as hell, diggin your nails deep in my back
Can I hit it? let's play a little hide and go get it
Smell your perfume through the rooms of the house, come wid it
On the back of the sofa, got me bendin' ya over
Rug burns on me knees
Got my brim on your head with a cigar in your mouth
Trying to act like me, trying to be thugged out
Like coffee skin tone remind me of pancakes
Dancin' on the kitchen table, got me watchin' and shakin'
You was waitin' at the house with a t-shirt and your panties on
We thuggin in a six, hold on it won't be long
Break the bed, bangin' bodies like two bloods and crips
Got your hand on my thigh while I'm grippin' your hips
Call the po-pos cause it's a crime what I do to your body
Lost in ecstacy, bombed out, doin' the naughty
Can I hit it?

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