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Текст песни Sofia Loell - Utopia

Sofia Loell - Utopia

I see the world with different eyes
Loud and clear I hold my view
I see no reason yet to give up
The sweat idea of my utopia

Lately I've found myself
Drowning in coffee and other habits
Told me to make a change
Told me to get a grip of things
Like just buy a paper to follow up
The rest of the world on the other side of my fence

I see the world...

I figured there'll be someone
Waiting for someone else like me
Someone that needs a break
Needs to catch up with the real world
Maybe that someone and me could meet
Maybe together we could explore the other side

Can you hear the melody
Can you hear the world is calling us
I have always lived like this
Turned inside myself in my utopia
Oh my utopia

I see the world....

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