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R : RY COODER : Borderline

Текст песни Never Make Your Move Too Soon

Never Make Your Move Too Soon

(will jennings/nesbert hooper jr.)

Three days of snow out in birmingham
Thought you would wonder where I am
Called up your number all night long
No consolations on the telephone
Ran out and caught that midnight flight
Thought a little loving would make everything all right
But, no!
Landlord said, you'd moved away
And left me all your bills to pay
It's too bad, baby, you might have made your move too soon
I think you might have made your move too soon, girl

Now, look here

Left me out here with a keno card
Life in vegas really ain't so hard
Ran it up to about fifty grand
Cashed it in and held it in my hand
That kinda money gets the word around
And makes a lost love come up found
I hear you knocking baby at my door
You ain't living here no more
I tried to tell you before
But you made your move too soon

Now I'm gonna play!

All right, now I'm just going to tell you one more thing

Well, I've been from texas down to tokyo
Okinawa back to ohio
Never tried to make the news
I'm just a man that loves to play the blues
Take my guitar everywhere
Now, if you people don't like it, I really don't care
Crowd jumps up and the band falls down
Love to see us rolling into town
Because the people know, well, we never make our move too soon
Never make your move too soon

Ya made your move too soon, girl
Ya made your move too soon, baby....babe
I think ya made your move too soon

Let's hear it for all the chickens that died in the heat wave
Two millions chickens, God almighty
In arkansas, down in oklahoma, by god
Texas, arizona

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