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Текст песни Road to Recovery

Road to Recovery

He never thought someone would come along
And show him a feeling he's always dreamed of.
She didn't plan on falling in love.
Upset the balance she's wanted so long.

This road to recovery
Has taken all I have.
It seems hard
As I try
To succumb once again...again...

Well he lost control and gave up his heart.
To follow the girl that he's always dreamed of.
She pulled away so scared of a love
That might have been more than she had planned on.

This road to recovery
Has taken all I have.
It seems hard
As I try to succumb once again...again...

Well love is a bitch all relationships end.
What happens now
When that persons gone.
The one who you thought
You could always count on.
You fall in love
And they fall out.
Love is a bitch.
All realationships end.

How do I let go of a love
That meant so much to me.
How do I go on
When your part of me.
I'm dying inside
Each time I see you.
Don't lose sight of me
Cause yer all I see.
Your still all I see.
This road to recovery has taken all I have.

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