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Текст песни She's My Baby

She's My Baby

Work's been rough
Hear too much stuff like
They don't get it so tough
Its like I haven't heard that enough
Better luck next month
Here's how it sounds to be let down
After going round and round
You just step back and think wow
I guess it's actually a silent sound...

But then there's she
And she's my baby
She's so good to me
She's my ba-

Becoming lost is where I am at
So much time has passed
And I'm stuck trying to relive the past and I can't go back
Will somebody just save me?
Cus I'm growing up so fast
And yeah it ain't really a blast

Because I just dusted off some records that I bought at 14
Then I busted into tears cus I didn't believe
The melodies
And memories
Cus then I see- the fallen dreams

But then there's she
And she's my baby
She's so good to me she's my baby
(yes you are, yes you are, yes you are, yes you are)
She's my baby
She's so good to me. she's my baby

Woah, yeah you are everythign to me

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