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R : RELIENT K : Relient K

Relient K
Текст песни 17 Magazine

17 Magazine

Talked to my sister late last night. And she gave me some advice. And what she said was right. Talked to my sister late last night. I said I've got her on my mind. She said it's good I know my kind. And maybe this time, maybe she's just the one you need. Keep taking your time, you shouldn't go for her full speed. Cause I know that I've never seen your motives more squeaky clean, and my 17 magazine tells me that your in love. Jessica told me that I should take a quiz. 10 yes or no questions to tell me what love really is. I searched for my answers, I lied and said I like nsync. They said my middle name's don juan, and I'm sure of myself I think. Cause I say if your asking me, love is sacred love is sweet, and my 17 magazine tells me that your in love.

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