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P : PUBLIC ENEMY : Apocalypse '91

Apocalypse '91
Текст песни Nighttrain


Ridenhour - robertz - gary g-wiz - the jbl - depper

Land of the free
But the skin I'm in identifies me
So the people around me
Energize me
Callin' all aboard this train ride
Talkin' 'bout raw hardcore
Leavin' frauds on the outside
But the bad thing is anyone can ride the train
And the reason
For that is 'cause we look the same
Lookin' all around at my so called friend
Light skin to the brown
The black
Here we go again
Homey over there knows keith an
But he be thiefin'
I don't trust him
Rather bust 'em
Up out goes his hand and I cough
He once stole from me
Yeah I wanna cut it off
The black thing is a ride I call the nighttrain
It rides the good and the bad
We call the monkey trained
Trained to attack the black it's true
'cause some of them look just like you
Stayin' on the scene
Sittin' on the train
See all the faces
Look about the same
There go the sellout who's takin' a ride like cargo
'cause he deal
The keys from key largo
Runnin' nat narcotic
By george he got it
Takin' makin' the g erotic
And the fiends they scheme
So he can put 'em down
But his method is wreck 'em
Put 'em in tha ground
Got tha nerve as hell
To yell brother man
He ain't black man
Known to murder his own
Traitor on the phone
Ridin' the train
Self-hater trained
To sell pain
The master's toy
Little boy
Hard to avoid he look wit' it but he null 'n' void
'cause he ridin' the train you think he down for the cause
'cause his face looks just like yours
More of the same insane who sayin'
Like flowin' like nighttrain
Runnin' the pain of the black reign
You look, you laugh
You doubt and go out
And I'm gone
But the bass goes on
To talk the talk, but walk the walk
The king of new york
Crack a lack attack the black
To crack the back
Once again I test a friend wit' sincerity
Or consider him an enemy
Who am I to tell a lie
Rather push da bush
Hope da cracker get crushed
I'm rollin' wit' rush
Leader of the bum rush
Russian I ain't
Spreadin' like paint
Lookin' at the put I got
And it's kickin'
But it ain't chicken
But it's livin' for a city
So sick 'n' tired
Of a scene buckwild, piled in a file
Senile or chile
They said it never been no worser
Than this, I'm on the nighttrain
They hope ya don't miss it
Give ya what dey gotta give you just go
You musn't just put your
Trust in every brother yo
Some don't give a damn
'cause they the other man
Worse than a bomb
Posin' as uncle toms
Disgracin' the race
Blowin' up
The whole crew
Wit' some of them lookin'
Just like you

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