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P : PROCOL HARUM : Без сортировки

Без сортировки
Текст песни Long Gone Geek

Long Gone Geek

Weird goings-on at the county jail
Prisoners reading the sheriff's mail
He's strapped down to a swivel chair
Trying to swivel right out of there
Pin-striped sweet's in cell 15
Convinced his self it's all a dream
He's got a pet black tabby cat
That carries a gun and wears a stetson hat

The door flies open, in strides geek
Looking like the front page of newsweek
He says to lou in a voice of glee,
'what's the matter, ain't you glad to see me? '
Lou's on the floor 'cause he can't stand up
As green as a leaf in a tea-cup
When on to geek's back jumps a stetson-hatted cat
Which breaks geek's neck like he was a rat

Long gone geek!

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