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N : NADA SURF : Let Go

Let Go
Текст песни Fruit Fly

Fruit Fly

Left some food wrapped up
In a plastic bag
On the kitchen table
Way too long
I sat down to eat
Next to the bag
I was too tired
To throw it out
I saw a swarm of fruit flies
I took the bag downstairs
When i came back
They were still there
Flying jerky patterns
Like snowflakes in the air
I'm sorry you've got nowhere to go
Left straight right straight
I can't find a reason
I know i'll keep going but
I can't find a reason
Nothing looks right
Nothing smells right
And i can't land
Geometric patterns
Smearing out of control
Only have enough gas left
For the beercan to the bowl
What can you do but go on?
Oh no you make your own mistakes
I cannot bring them back to you
Oh no you make your own mistakes
I cannot measure up to you

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