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M : MINNIE RIPERTON : Perfect Angel

Perfect Angel
Текст песни Perfect Angel

Perfect Angel

(s. wonder)

What we're making is history
Fooling impossibility
Making love, not a fantasy
Love is true, love is you
Making story book dreams come true
Feeling just enough love for two
There's such magic in being with you
Cause it's true, loving you

And I think you are the perfect angel
I think you are the perfect one
And I think you are the perfect angel
I think you are the perfect one

Long ago we played hide-go-seek
Kissing under the apple tree
Who could tell me that this would bring
Me to you, you to me, yeah
Since the start, you have been my love
Giving infinite paradise
Every night I wanna thank him twice for your love
Your sweet love

My mama told me if I was goodie
That I would find me someone to love me

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