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M : MINNIE RIPERTON : Без сортировки

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Текст песни Stick Together

Stick Together

(m. riperton r. rudolph s. wonder)

Every time I look at you
I remember all that we've been through
No I can't imagine living without you
I don't need no symphony
I hear music when you're lovin' me
You make all the world revolve in harmony

Ohh, baby, let's stick together
Just like two birds of a feather do
Life's such a pleasure with you
Oooh, baby, let's stick together
Wand we will ride stormy through
Until each grey sky turns blue

Though no riches to speak of
We possess the world's most priceless love
Heaven sent us something special from above

Precious moments come alive
Happiness is layin by your side
And there's still so many dreams we've yet to try

Ohh, baby, let's stick together
Just like two birds of a feather do
I found my treasure in you
Oooh, baby, let's stick together
'cause there's nothin' I'd rather do
Than stick together with you

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