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M : MARK KNOPFLER : Golden Heart

Golden Heart
Текст песни RЁ№diger


RЁ№diger stands in the rain and the snow
Collector of autographs
Names upon photographs
Faces of people who everyone knows

RЁ№diger lives in a place on his own
Briefcase and spectacles
Strange and respectable
He knows the meaning of being alone

RЁ№diger works as a clerk in the town
Music or politics
RЁ№diger gets his kicks
He gets information then he comes around

RЁ№diger waits at the hall in berlin
He waits there all night
Security's tight
They know who he is but they don't let him in

RЁ№diger waits in the dark by the stair
His fingers are shaking
His feet they are aching
But your name's in the paper so rЁ№diger's there

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