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Текст песни The Letter

The Letter

One grows weary of everything, my angel. it is the law of nature, it is not my fault.

If for example I had as much love as you have virtue, and that is surely saying a lot, is it not astonishing that we should end at the same time as the other ? it is not my fault.

From this, it follows that for some time I have been deceiving you. but then, your pitiless affection forced me as it were to do so. it is not my fault.

Today, a woman I love madly insists that I sacrifice you to her. it is not my fault.

I realise that this is a fine opportunity for crying out on perjury, but if nature's only given men assurance, or if she gave women obstinacy, it is not my fault.

Take my advice: choose another lover, as I have chosen another mistress. this is good advice. very good. if you think it bad, it is not my fault.

Farewell, my angel, I took you with pleasure, I abandon you without regret. perhaps I will come back, to you. so goes the world, it is not my fault.

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